Men of Christ 2021

Catholic Men's Fellowship of Phoenix


Welcome video from the Founder / President of Attollo

A business leadership development organization designed for

Catholic business owners, CEOs and presidents. 


for the business owner, CEO, or president


Benefit #1 - Work On Improving Yourself.

Only when a person gains mastery over themselves, can they ever possess the capacity to lead others. When a person develops the ability to lead, they create the only path for their organization to grow. Therefore, the single best investment a leader can make to grow their organization is to grow personally. Long term growth and flourishing of a great organization, your organization, is dependent on the dedication to continuous lifetime pursuit of personal growth of its leadership. That pursuit starts with you. 


Benefit #2 - Work on Building a Mature Business.

Parents should intend for their children to grow up, leave home, and become grown-ups who contribute to society. It’s normal for children to grow up and live on their own, so why do so few business leaders think the same way for their organizations?  


You should desire to move you business from the exhausting day-to-day survival mode, to planned and achievable success, and ultimately to significance - making a real, positive contribution to the common good.


Benefit #3 - Work on Your Spiritual Maturity. 

Brother Joris, St. Sixtus Brewmaster said that you do not become a saint just by entering a monastery. Wise words. You can't develop a strong relationship with God by walking into church and being at Mass while never truly being present due to being preoccupied with issues as work or home. Your journey to sainthood requires time with God. When you start working on yourself (#1) and maturing your business (#2), free time becomes "magically" more available to spend on God and your family. 


Benefit #4 - Be Part of a Larger Community.

Attollo provides a safe haven of trusted peers who also act as your informal advisory board. All peer group discussions are confidential, allowing members to be open in order to work through challenging issues they face in any area of their life. 


Benefit #5 - One on One Monthly Coaching.

One on one coaching touches on all aspects of growth for the integrated business leader; personal development, professional mastery including goal setting and accountability, and the path to spiritual maturity. Additionally coaching helps you identify your goals and achieve them faster, provides accountability, unbiased feedback and an outside - out of the weeds-  perspective.

"Mostly" free stuff to help you on your faith and work journey.

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